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Get Assistance with Your Mexico Residency Application

When you need assistance and practical support with a Mexico residency permit application, renewal, exchange, or troubleshooting—our associates can help

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We publish extensive, up-to-date, information about applying for legal residency in Mexico, including a free eBook: Mexico Immigration Guide

When you apply for legal residency in Mexico, you’ll need to decide what application route (approach) is best for your individual circumstances, prepare your supporting documents, file the application —usually at a consulate outside of Mexico— and then undertake additional procedures to exchange the sticker in your passport for a residency card when you arrive in Mexico.

Personalized advice and practical support

The Mexico Immigration Assistance Service provided by our associates offers personalized advice as well as practical assistance by telephone, chat, and email that will save you time, and guide you correctly through the procedures—from discussing the best approach for your application to providing practical support throughout the entire application process.

How the Immigration Assistance Service works

The service begins with a personal consultation with our associate to help you plan your application strategy, answer any questions you have, and identify the best route for a residency application given your individual circumstances. The service then provides practical help and support as you make your own way through the procedures including:

  • answering specific questions and concerns you may have;
  • helping you to find a suitable Mexican consulate to apply at; in your home country or a third country;
  • providing you with a checklist of all the documentation you’ll need to gather as part of your application;
  • review of your documentation for accuracy and completeness;
  • assistance with scheduling of appointments at the Mexican consulate abroad and/or immigration office in Mexico—see next section for details;
  • filling-out the various application forms;
  • writing the necessary letters (in Spanish);
  • the support continues when you arrive in Mexico and exchange your visa for a residency card; and
  • the service also provides ad-hoc advice and troubleshooting and problem solving (if needed), as you move through the application

Appointments at Mexican Consulates and immigration offices

The procedures for booking appointments at Mexican consulates abroad varies by location: some consulates use an online booking system, others require an email to be sent, and others have walk-in dates.  Our associate will assist you with appointment scheduling in accordance with the policy and process in place at the consulate you apply at.

The electronic booking system for appointments at immigration offices in Mexico is currently offline and applicants need to attend the office in person to ask for an appointment date, or a service token.

Consulting and assistance tailored to your needs

Our associate offers flexibility in their billing plans to suit your needs:

  • 3-hour package (best value); you can optionally purchase additional hours, with time billed precisely as used
  • Visa exchange only; if you already have your residency visa and only need support with the visa-to-residency card exchange
  • Per-hour billing, with a 1-hour minimum, ideal if you want to begin with an exploratory consultation to discuss your situation.

Typical support times required

The amount of support required will depend on how may people are applying and the complexity of your situation.  These are typical times required to support most applications, based on our experience of helping clients through the years:

Single Applicant: No more than 3 hours of support.

Couples (2 people applying together): 3-4 hours of support.

Family of 3/4 applying together: 4-6 hours of support.

Your consulting time is valid for a full calendar year
You don’t have to use your consultation time all at once.

You can make a request using the form below.

Questions before you request the service?
If you have a question about how the immigration assistance service works before you make the request, please contact us.

Key benefits offered

  • Personalized consultation and advice to determine which resident permit best suits your situation and intentions
  • Practical assistance at every stage of the application procedures
  • Assistance with first-time applications, visa-to-residency card exchanges, and residency permit renewals, as well as exchanges from temporary to permanent residency
  • Assistance with Family Unit applications, for example if you are married to a Mexican national or existing foreign resident
  • Specialized assistance and advice if you need to ‘regularize’ your immigration status, for example if your resident card expired, or was lost or stolen
  • The service also provides assistance and support for trouble shooting and problem solving

Save time and avoid common mistakes

The Mexico Immigration Assistance Service saves time and potential inconvenience by helping you to prepare a strong application based on your situation, and mitigating the chances of having your forms, letters and other paperwork being rejected during the application procedures.

The service thus helps you to structure your application approach based on your circumstances, and provides practical assistance as you make your own way through the application procedures to acquire your legal residency in Mexico.

Immigration assistance service fees for 2022

Our associate offers simple and flexible pricing options that flex with your needs.

Consulting and assistance package 3-hours: US$279
(Each additional hour (optional): US$99; time over 3 hours billed precisely as used.)

Visa exchange fixed-fee per person US$119
(If you already have your residency visa, this service assists you in making the exchange)

Per-hour billing with 1-hour minimum US$99/hour
(Ideal if you want to begin with an exploratory consultation)

All fees exclude the government fees related to the application.

Questions before you request the service?
If you have a question about how the immigration assistance service works before you make the request, please contact us.

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