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Comprehensive Guide to Retirement in Mexico

When you're considering Mexico as a place to retire, our free eBook, Living & Retirement in Mexico, provides a comprehensive and detailed guide

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For decades, Mexico has been one of the world’s most popular destinations for retirees, being especially attractive to people moving here to retire from the United States and Canada—although people from Europe and Australasia are also beginning to discover the benefits Mexico offers to retirees.

Key reasons why Mexico is attractive to retirees

The country’s popularity as a retirement destination is underpinned by a variety of key elements and characteristics that are especially attractive to retirees, which include:

  • agreeable year-round climates;
  • a variety of location types to choose from;
  • a warm and welcoming culture that also offers the enjoyment of experiencing unusual traditions and celebrations that are nevertheless quite familiar;
  • ready access to transport infrastructure, including modern roads and international airports;
  • well-established communities of existing foreign resident retirees;
  • a wide range of local services and amenities to support day-to-day retirement lifestyles;
  • affordable access to world-class health and well-being facilities;
  • access to markets bursting with color and selling delicious fresh produce; and, amidst all this—
  • affordability—a retirement pension can stretch further in Mexico.

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Free eBook: Guide to Living & Retirement in Mexico

Retirement lifestyles underpinned by key benefits

People who arrive in Mexico to live and retire here can lead active, healthy, lifestyles underpinned by Mexico’s agreeable climates, first-class amenities, and affordable living costs.  Some who have come to retire in Mexico and consider the country their natural home comment on how they value and appreciate their enjoyable lifestyles and activities, and how they feel settled, safe, and content in Mexico.

Part two of our free eBook, the Mexico Insight Guide to Living & Retirement in Mexico, focuses on matters related and of particular interest to people who are considering retirement lifestyles in Mexico.

The guide sets out some of the key considerations that we recommend you reflect upon when you’re considering Mexico as a retirement haven, and the insights shared in this second part of the guide also help you to determine whether Mexico may be a good fit for you.

Download your free copy of this eBook

Free eBook: Guide to Living & Retirement in Mexico

Mexico living & retirement guide in five sections

Download our free eBook Mexico Insight guide to Living & Retirement that is organized into five main sections, including chapters on planning, retirement, locations, and living essentials:

Part One: foundations for Mexico lifestyle planning

The first part of this guide covers themes related to living in Mexico, including key considerations, choosing whereabouts to live, seeking legal residency, the practicalities of moving, dealing with essential matters related to moving abroad and learning about the culture here.  This includes advice and guidance about how to integrate into the local community and adapt to the pace and patterns of Mexican life, along with practical tips to help you and your partner or family settle well in Mexico.

Part Two: retirement planning

The second part of this guide addresses specific matters about retirement planning and retirement lifestyles in Mexico.  Although retired people don’t carry the challenges and stresses of a working life —holding down a job, raising children, and keeping wolves from the door— retirement does bring other challenges, and this part of the guide addresses some of those, providing practical guidance to help you make constructive plans, identify and mitigate the risks, and point out some key elements which often underpin a fruitful and abundant retirement lifestyle in Mexico.

Part Three: discovering places to live

The third part of this guide contains a curated list of locations to discover and consider for living and retirement in Mexico—organized by popularity and notoriety and classified by the location type.  This section introduces you to key places where many foreign residents live now, emerging locations that are becoming increasingly popular with foreign residents, as well as those places that are less well known, or situated off-the-beaten path.

Part Four: practical essentials for living

The fourth part of the guide covers essential practical matters which are relevant to living and retirement in Mexico, regardless of your life stage.  This section addresses things like finding a place to live, adapting to local climates, keeping healthy and well, engaging with the language, keeping in touch, getting around using transport options, caring for your pets, as well as wide assortment of everyday practical matters like tipping and bargaining, and the water supply—to name a few.

Part Five: additional resources

The final part completes the guide with a reference section of helpful resources and websites.

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Download your free copy of this eBook

Free eBook: Guide to Living & Retirement in Mexico

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